I’m from the beautiful and mysterious land of India and was working as a software design engineer at GE prior to joining Fuqua.

Prior to Fuqua

I have a Bachelor of Engineering degree with specialization in Information Technology from Manipal University.  There, I was the president of the 1,000-member Institution of Engineers – Computer Science Engineering (IE CSE) and Manager of the Google Developers Group (GDG). I founded a graphic design studio and a technology blog along while organizing 12 events and 11 conferences during my time at IE CSE and GDG. These experiences enhanced my love for technology as well as product management and marketing.

In addition to the job at GE for just under a year, I’ve had a cumulative internship experience of 10 months at GE, Ricoh, The University of Hagen in Germany and HCL Infosystems.


My interests include listening to music, playing indoor sports, and of course, writing. I created a website, www.praksara.com, for reading and writing enthusiasts, where visitors can post their own articles and read others' views and opinions on daily life experiences and thoughts.

I fit in well according to the atmosphere around me. I can be an intellectual and thoughtful person and have a good conversation, dance to the peak at a party, and be the formal-suit guy at a meeting. Writing gives me an opportunity to be myself, express my thoughts and share what runs through the brain and heart.

Follow My Blogging

This is yet another exciting year for the MMS program, and I’m honored to be a part of Fuqua. As the months go by I will update my progression in the program, and I hope my blog posts will give you insight to the Fuqua and MMS experience!

I’ll be glad to help out readers who are interested in knowing more about the program and what we’ve been up to. Feel free to reach out.