Why would a software engineer who adores technology and is working at one of the biggest firms in the world drop that to pursue a master of management degree?

Let me begin with my background and then I’ll walk you through my thought process.

My Background

I majored in Information Technology at Manipal University in India where I pursued internships at HCL, Ricoh, University of Hagen (Germany) and GE. I founded a graphic design studio and technology blog while spearheading the operations of the Institution of Engineers – Computer Science Engineering and the Google Developers Group. I worked at GE for a year before I decided to come to Duke University.

Why a Master of Management Degree?

Working at various firms made me realize that I was like an engineering ‘chocolate’ without a ‘wrapper.’ What was I lacking? After much thought, I understood it was the business side (wrapper) of a firm that intrigued me. I was fascinated by how firms sell their products and what goes around on the financial and marketing domains of the company.

Another thought crossed my mind: Is it programming that I want to do for the next decade of my life, or is it something else? I admit, I love technology and enjoy programming, but would I like doing that, always?

Developing product strategy, cross-functional and cross-cultural teamwork and management, presentations, and using technology to produce effective solutions—happy realization: I would love pursuing these as a career.

So, what do I do when I’ve realized what I want to do? Pursue my master of management degree.

Why MMS and Duke?

Three months of GMAT preparation combined with extensive research about the best master of management programs on the planet, led me to being accepted at three top business schools. The final confusion: Which school to select?

The choice was clear: Which school in the U.S. focuses on professional development, has an extensive and helpful alumni network, has students from all over the world and will aid me in building strong ‘Foundations of Business’? The answer was Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and its Master of Management Studies program.

Three months into the program, we’re taking essential courses, building a strong network, working with smart peers, interviewing with top firms and most important of all, enjoying our time here.

As the months go by I will update my progression in the program, and I hope my blog posts will give you insight to the Fuqua and MMS experience!