What’s my favorite MQM experience? That’s a tough question!

Looking back, I have so many amazing moments to reflect on. It’s difficult to pick just one. However, my experience at Fuqua was truly unforgettable. From my Fuqua family, to the faculty, to the academics, to the diverse student body, to the many opportunities to get involved on campus, and even to Durham, the city that I now miss.

My first blog post was about the “transformative” experience talked about during orientation. Well, I want to report back because guess what? That “transformation” that I very much doubted at the start of the program actually came true!

My transformation from Fuqua student on campus to Fuqua alumna in the workplace has become my favorite experience of all. It really was a culmination of so many experiences that jumpstarted this transformation. The person I was at the start of the program and the person that graduated—what a night and day difference! It was all positive growth. The program is constantly pushing your boundaries and these experiences end up shaping you into a top-notch professional, leader, teammate, and friend. 

It’s funny, because when you are stuck in the day-to-day of studying R, SQL, and Python into the late hours of the night, you don’t really get a chance to reflect on your progress to date. Now that I have graduated, moved to Boston, and have started work at IBM as a client executive, I already see the Fuqua payoff. From the ideas I’m able to bring to the table, to the quantitative analysis and viewpoint I provide, to the importance of working where I easily thrive, I now see how Fuqua has positively shaped me forever.