I was born in Brazil and raised in four different countries across two continents. This led me to speak four languages and understand the importance of cultural sensitivities. I pride myself that I can communicate with half of the world.

Armed with a bachelor's degree from Southern Methodist University in Markets and Culture, I joined a Big Data marketing company, Epsilon, where I was in charge of Hilton Hotels & Resorts’ social media and promotional web page campaigns.

Living overseas is where I began my journey as an international citizen of the world; strengthened by a traditional collegiate experience which led to my first job in global corporate marketing. I soon realized that I needed intense academic challenges to further position and brand myself as a professional. Thus, Duke, Fuqua, and MQM became my new family and home.

I have learned that a leader and team player is someone who can effectively coordinate all the moving parts into one motion and direction, much like a master conductor perfectly harmonizes the different sounds and instruments in a symphonic orchestra. I dream to one day become a master conductor! As a result, I want to share with you “The List”—my guidelines that have steered me during my journey from international globetrotter to a Fuqua student in the Marketing track of the MQM program.

The List:

  • Put your own oxygen mask on first
  • Sleep matters
  • Stay in “it” one minute longer
  • Passion is contagious...so is cynicism
  • Boundaries are healthy
  • The truth is always best even when it sucks
  • Work hard and enjoy the little things
  • Worry is a black hole—it consumes all your energy and produces nothing