Our MQM orientation in July was all about the idea of “progressive transformation,” delivered by Assistant Dean Jeremy Petranka. I remember thinking to myself, is this actually going to happen? Is this more of a sales pitch to help buy me into the program? I was so confused yet eager to begin a new journey down an untraveled road.

By the time I completed my first term of the program, my orientation doubts were long, long gone! I made the right decision about MQM, and as weird as it may sound, I had already felt a type of transformation within those first two months. I strongly believe it is a result of the Fuqua Family DNA having sunk in.

Here are some key examples of my progressive transformation:

Public Speaking

I went from being scared of public speaking to actively participating in a class advocacy project that had me do exactly that. I had to convey successful arguments to the opponents, ask tough questions, and become part of the board of directors responsible for corporate governance. I can honestly say that I am filled with much more confidence in my public speaking abilities and will continue to improve.

Probability and Statistics

The last time I opened a probability and statistics textbook was during my sophomore year at Southern Methodist University, about seven years ago. During the first two weeks of the course at Fuqua, I felt completely frustrated! However, after long nights, tons of T-tests, Z-tests, and regressions, I now can proudly say that I feel very comfortable helping problem solve using these tools to support business decisions. I am looking forward to continuing to strengthen my technical decision-making skill set, throughout the remainder of the program.

10 of my classmates during lunch, transformation during the program
Enjoying a break in the Fox Center with my classmates


Knowing how to work across geographical boundaries and cultures is a crucial skill to have in today’s global business environment. At Fuqua, the importance of diversity is at the forefront of our values as Fuqua Family members. For example, my team is comprised of Chinese, Turkish, and Brazilian students. We are all culturally different and we speak different languages, but we join together to pursue a common goal as a tight-knit family. I am so grateful to be surrounded by my team members as we push each other to achieve our common goals. I have become much more open-minded. My experience has transformed me into a bridge, translating the mix of intuitive, emotional, and cultural differences both in my team, in particular, and throughout the MQM program.

As I look back and reflect on Jeremy’s transformational message, he was right on—a bull’s eye!  Unquestionably, our time at Fuqua is going to shape us into the business leaders of tomorrow and set the tone for the MQM Class of 2019 who will follow. I am proud to form part of the inaugural MQM Program and represent it with passion and conviction—all while continuing along my transformational journey.