Students in the MQM: BA program are not only academically driven, but also bring a wealth of extracurricular experience and talent to the program. At Fuqua, almost all of the extracurricular activities and interest groups are student-driven, which allows students to take ownership and make it an incredibly fulfilling part of their Fuqua journey.

Whether it is intramural sports or the Pakistan-India Independence Day celebration, students lead, organize, and participate in well-attended career and social events throughout their time at Fuqua. Because MQM is a one-year master’s program, some might fear that the extra curricular activities are not as established as those of the two-year Daytime MBA program. However, the nature of the one-year program has been a blessing in disguise in some ways. Each year, students start interest groups afresh with activities that they are passionate about along with their like-minded peers. You don’t have to worry about trying to conform new ideas to fit an already established framework. MQM provides students with the luxury and freedom to design and color their own Fuqua canvas as desired. And what I’ve experienced has exceeded my expectations in all walks.


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Loved the community spirit at yesterday’s India-Pakistan Independence day joint celebration 🇮🇳❤ 🇵🇰

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Some examples of MQM interest groups include:

  • Soccer Club: A completely student-driven initiative that was established after discovering a keen interest of a number of MQM classmates have in soccer. The team has a weekly practice schedule and takes part in competitive matches.
  • Duke Artificial Intelligence Society: This is a community aiming to provide students a space to discuss and learn about topics in AI at the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The activities organized have something to offer everyone, even if AI is venturing into the unknown for you personally.
  • MQM Technology Club: This group brings together students who are interested in careers in the tech industry after graduation. It helps highlight possible opportunities in the industry where MQM students can shine.

In addition to interest groups, students in the past have turned a number of their hobbies and affinities into well-attended events throughout the year. Examples include a FIFA video game competition, casino night (which consisted of poker, roulette, casino hold ’em, and blackjack to name a few), a movie night, a trip to the North Carolina State Fair, an outing to watch the local NHL team, the Carolina Hurricanes, take on the Toronto Maple Leafs, and a secret Santa event.

It is very common for students to also organize events in conjunction with the MMS and the MBA communities. In the past, I have participated in a Nigerian Independence Day celebration, pumpkin carving contest, and a Fall Term 2 team challenge. Classmates are willing to learn from each other, and more often than not these events turn into amazing cultural learning opportunities for students from around the globe. 


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Happy Nigerian Independence Day!! 🎉 Thanks to everyone who helped organize such a great event!

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If none of the existing extracurricular activities cater to your interest, try starting one that does. The administration is supportive of interest groups and events that benefit students and is able to approve funding to help students’ visions come to life in some cases. There is always something happening. And probably more going on than what one can keep track of and manage to attend, given the time constraints. I sometimes have to skip events that I want to participate in to due to other commitments. I believe that it is quite the whirlwind here and there is never a dull moment at Fuqua, and my peers would echo the same thing.

As you are preparing to join the Fuqua community be sure to pack along your amazing culinarily skills, dance skills, coffee making skills etc. Many new ideas have been floating around, some of them include Chinese Hotpot Club, Bollywood Dance Club, and Coffee Lovers Club to name a few. Remember: it’s your time to shine and take the lead!