As the program director of analytic careers, it is a gift to work daily with students in our Master of Quantitative Management (MQM): Business Analytics program. I was impressed by their intelligence and curiosity before taking over career services for the program in July of 2022 after years of advising our full-time MBA students interested in the tech industry. As indicated by the Class of 2022 MQM Employment report, the program is developing a strong reputation among employers. Our 2022 graduates set a new record for outcomes—adding a new layer to the foundation of success built since MQM’s inaugural class in 2017.

Strongest Outcomes to Date

Aided by a job market favoring job-seekers, 2022 was the best year yet in terms of employment outcomes for MQM students. 99% of graduates received job offers within six months of graduation, a slight bump from the previous high of 97% for the MQM classes of 2021, 2019, and 2018

Meanwhile, the Class of 2022 saw a 15% increase in median starting salary for U.S. jobs with this year’s median being $100,000. That increase was driven by employers competing for talent with the technical and communications skills that our students learn in the MQM program.

Hiring Timeline

Job offers for the Class of 2022 peaked in May, which coincides with graduation, but also marks a return to the typical hiring timeline for the MQM program. In 2020, pandemic uncertainty pushed offers later into the summer. While hiring for roles that align with the MQM degree does not follow the fall recruiting schedules seen in undergraduate job searches, this latest report shows an encouraging sign that hiring timelines have stabilized. Fewer than 10% of job offers during the past five years come before mid-February. Most offers arrive starting in April, peak in May, and continue late into the summer.

This makes sense considering the skills emphasized in MQM. If employers interview for roles that judge use of MQM skills in the fall, they have much less to evaluate. Likewise, students are learning these skills and need time to assess what they like and where they best fit.

Diverse Industries

Nearly 140 employers offered jobs to the Class of 2022 which is a sign of MQM’s growing reputation across industries. Offers from such a wide range of industries mean that employment outcomes are not dependent on the fortune of just one or two industries, and reflect the diversity of skills and knowledge gained at Fuqua. Accepted offers for the Class of 2022 were in a variety of industries, with the most graduates pursuing financial services and technology, as in previous years. 

MQM’s relationship with top employers like Capital One and Home Depot grew in 2022. They were among the companies that hired more than 10 graduates. The number of employers hiring more than one graduate more than doubled in 2022.

I am pleased to say this career success can be attributed in part to Fuqua’s alumni—a strong network that continues to support our newest graduates. We look forward to seeing the ways the Class of 2022 will continue that support for future classes.