I hail from the small town of Ranchi in eastern India, but my heart and residence have long been claimed by the city of Joy: Kolkata. Blame it on my dad, a computer science aficionado, who introduced me to the realm of programming when I was quite young, the world of code, with its precision and binary elegance, captivated me completely. Not only did I major in computer science but I also ended up working as a software developer for a little over two eventful years.

Working and leading numerous projects, it dawned on me that my code wasn’t just lines on a screen; it was the digital lifeblood of strategic, data-driven business decisions. With each passing day, my fascination grew as I was amazed at how companies harnessed customer data to refine their journeys and pre-empt issues. It was this revelation that drove me to set my sights on an MQM degree as it was the perfect intersection between analytics and business, and when it came to choosing the best school, Duke stood head and shoulders above the rest. And here I am!

Among the quirky collection of 25 random tidbits in my application essay, one that stands out is my love for art. If you pry me away from my computer, you’ll inevitably find me engrossed in my next digital painting.