I’m the career services lead for analytics, and as part of the Career Management Center (CMC) team, I help students at Fuqua not only to manage a job search, but also to manage their careers. I’ve been part of the Fuqua family for eight years and during that time have worked with MBAs, been fascinated by the rise of analytics, and most recently have been excited to help launch MQM and MSQM!

I began my career in technology marketing at IBM, and following an MBA, spent 14 years at PwC in consulting, knowledge management, and knowledge technology. I’ve studied, worked, and traveled extensively outside the U.S., and empathize with the excitement and challenges that multi-language speakers face navigating a different culture. Prior to and in my early years at Fuqua, I also coached running, engaged in independent consulting projects and community activities, and raised four children.