You might be wondering about how I got here … well, I’ve always had dreams of owning my own company, or working my way up the management chain. But, the path toward getting there wasn’t always clear, and I’ve taken a few side roads. I started college in architecture, and quickly learned that it wasn’t the route for me. I married, and transferred schools, and got degrees in Spanish and computer science in 1996. I’ve always liked computers, and I got the Spanish degree because it was fun. In 2002, I started thinking about where I wanted to go from there, and started exploring options—an MBA, a Masters in Computer Science? Mother Nature had a funny sense of humor, though, so I had two more children, but still dreamed of going back to school.

After my last child was born, I started planning and plotting the logistics of going back to school while caring for ailing parents, four kids, two Girl Scout troops, and working. I figured out that there was a period of time where I would still have an au-pair, and my oldest would be in preschool, but no one would be nearing college yet. Great! So, I took the plunge and here I am.