“Where are you applying to business school?”


It’s impossible to go through the MBA application process without answering these two questions ad infinitum. Ad naseum, really. But as I progressed through the application season, I found I was asked the “where” question MUCH more frequently than the why – but really, the MBA application process is all about the “why.” Sitting down and thinking about the why really helped me narrow my focus and led me to apply to the schools that I thought were the best fit for me, based on what I was looking to get from my business school education.

As we wrap up Fall Term I and ramp up for Fall Term II, I’ve had the opportunity to look back and figure out if my expectations have aligned with the reality, and if I really gave the right answers to my “whys.”

I decided to pursue an MBA and a career in business so I can one day use these skills to make a difference in the social sector.  I found a wide variety of programs that emphasized social entrepreneurship – but Fuqua met so many other needs that were important to me: a collaborative environment, a strong, diverse curriculum with engaged professors, a smaller city, and – of course – school spirit!

Interestingly, the things I didn’t necessarily think would be as important to me – the team based environment and the incredible diversity of the school – have become the most important, valuable parts of my experience so far.

Now I’m finally getting my B-school sea legs, I’d like to take the next few posts to reflect on my reasons for choosing Fuqua, and what I’ve learned about Fuqua in my first three months.