The Road to Fuqua

As an international student, the anticipation of starting my MBA journey at Fuqua was huge. Even before school started, I had met more than 10 Israeli alumni and/or students in informal gatherings, Fuqua Around the World and student mixer events.

Each and every one of them, of course, had his or her own background and personality, but what was common to all of them were the values of Team Fuqua. The feeling of unity, collaboration and friendship is what Fuqua is all about, and they let me feel as one of them since the beginning. Meeting other Fuquans in my homeland was like a welcome party at school away from school. The amount of information I gained and relationships I created was huge. Even though I was two months away from orientation, my network immediately started to grow and a whole new world of opportunities began to emerge.

While packing my things and saying goodbye to my family and friends, I enjoyed full support from second-year students at Fuqua who helped me in completing a smooth transition from Tel Aviv, Israel, to Durham, North Carolina. I especially enjoyed participating in the Fuqua Buddy program which pairs newly admitted students with a first-year students in order to answer all their needs, questions and doubts. These two months passed in a breeze, and here I was on my first day of orientation.


starting my MBA journey with my fellow Section 6 classmates at Duke Fuqua
At orientation with my Section 6 crew

Before arriving in Durham, I had heard a lot about Fuqua’s Daytime MBA orientation from second-year students. But, as I learned a few times before in life, words cannot describe an amazing experience and in particular, our orientation. Overwhelming, yet exhilarating is the best way I can describe those three days.

It started off with a series of keynote speakers who explained, in their own creative way, the meaning of Team Fuqua. Right after, we were divided into our class sections in order to kick off the Section Olympics. This event is a challenging competition between sections that was designed to let us meet our new classmates and increase our team spirit. At the end of each day during orientation we had a theme party which, in my eyes, was the perfect ice-breaker. There’s nothing like dressing up and fooling around with your new classmates and future network, creating the first real memories from this journey.

At the end of orientation I felt exhausted, but at the same time I was hungry for more. I constantly asked myself, if I had this much fun in just three days, what does Fuqua have in store for me over the next two years?