I surprise most people who ask where I’m from by answering “London” — unexpected because of my American accent. I actually began living in the States (Los Angeles for three years, followed by New Jersey for four) and moved to Cobham, Surrey, England, when I was 7. Although my dad thought the relocation would only last three years, we ended up staying for 12! Living abroad gave me the opportunity to travel around the globe and become friends with people from all over — the small international school I attended had students from over 60 countries.

Following England, I studied Advertising at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. In between my freshman and sophomore year, I put academic studies on hold and served a two-year ecclesiastical mission in Calgary, Canada. My assigned language there was Spanish, so when I returned to BYU I added Spanish as my minor.

In my final semester at BYU I got married and, since my wife still had another year and a half of school, we decided to stay put. I found a great employment opportunity with a new company called 818 Group, and as the first full-time hire, I helped the company grow steadily during my three years there. As a marketing consultant, I helped our clients plan their yearly marketing strategies and then orchestrated the execution and follow-up of their marketing campaigns. I also helped develop new marketing technology that is currently used on multiple company websites across the globe.

At Fuqua: Fuqua is the perfect fit for me and my family (my wife and I have a two-year-old daughter and are expecting a baby boy), giving all of us the opportunity to grow. I am concentrating on strategy and decision sciences, on the General Management Club Cabinet and co-president of the Latter-day Saint Student Association. I’m also excited to be an Admissions Fellow, Career Fellow and Teaching Assistant for a few of my favorite classes from last year. In addition to Fuqua clubs and homework, I can also be found in Cameron Indoor Stadium as often as possible, playing at the park with my family or watching Breaking Bad.