We all know that the world economy is not at its best – and the same goes for the economy here, too. It’s especially difficult for us internationals because along with the cultural and language barriers that some of us might have, there is also that citizenship barrier – it’s much more difficult to get a job in the US as an international student. Fuqua provides great resources for international students, though, so you should be prepared to take advantage of these. But know that finding a job in the US really takes a lot of hard work and some luck.

Fuqua offers career-related resources that are relevant for every student:

  • Career coaches are willing to meet with you any day of the school week and help you with mock interviews, resumes, and cover letters
  • Voluntary Alumni Career Fellows (VACF) act as mentors during the whole process
  • Resume and cover letter workshops
  • The Duke/Fuqua alumni database
  • Fuqua Fridays and other social events and company visits that give you grounds for networking
  • Organized trips to cities like New York, where you can visit companies and meet industry professionals, etc.

Then there are additional resources specifically for international students:

  • International career meetings where you can request specific information
  • Pages on FuquaWorld (our intranet) where there are documents and search tools for international students
  • International-student clubs like the International Business club, etc.

Through our intranet, you can also see what companies have hired the most international students. Sterling Ingui, Associate Director of MMS Career Services, is also a great resource. She has provided more specific information and guidance during the international career meetings.

I think you have to utilize everything you have to search for a job. So I use what I have, and try to be as specific as I can when I ask for help from my career coach and others. Hopefully, all this will come to fruition soon … Wish me luck!