Duke. Fuqua. These two words are game changers. Being accepted into a program that is a part of both? That is life changing.

Ok, well maybe being accepted into the MMS: Foundations of Business program isn’t really what changes your life. It’s actually coming here, and being a part of the Fuqua family, that truly changes your life. I am only a few months in, and I can already feel it. The support of the faculty and students, the amazing resources, and the passion everyone exudes is indescribable. I could feel it when I walked into orientation on the first day. And you will, too.

Here at Fuqua, excellence is a given. It is not demanded of you — it is expected of you. And we are constantly reminded that by being here, we are already excellent. You just have to continue doing what you have already been doing.

I know that the Fuqua brand may be the only reason why some choose to come to Duke for business school. The resources, faculty, and alumni are indisputably among the top in the nation. Yes, Duke is a great school to go to pursue a graduate education. But for me, the reason I came to Fuqua was because of the school’s dedication to purpose and legacy. Personally, I am extremely passionate about making a difference. I want to know that the work that I am doing will, at the end of the day, make a difference in someone’s life. I want to make an impact. Hopefully, I will be able to follow my dreams and work for a social enterprise, specifically one that works in poverty alleviation, after I graduate. I found all of this and more at Fuqua. I know that with the support of the administration, the MMS program will enable me to get where I want to be. The Fuqua community is dedicated not only to leaving a legacy, but also to helping us succeed. The MMS program truly is a place where “passion meets purpose,” and that is why I am here.