I’m a proud California native! As a second generation Pakistani-American, I consider myself as a world wanderer. I was raised with a global perspective at a very young age, and as a result, I love to travel and experience other cultures.

I completed my bachelor’s in psychology at UC Irvine in 2012. After completing a microfinance internship and volunteering abroad, I knew that I wanted to pursue a post-graduate degree in business to start work in the social entrepreneurship sector. Contributing to causes I care about, whether it be poverty, healthcare, or human rights, in a sustainable way, is my passion. After working for a non-profit, I knew that I wanted to make the world a better place in the best way possible. Making an impact in this world, by using sustainable business principles, is my goal, and I hope to gain the tools to do this while I am here at Fuqua.

Some of my hobbies include Polaroid photography, playing the ukulele, yoga, singing, and watching old musicals and Bollywood movies. I’m also a Disney freak — just so you know.

I’m excited to share my journey through Fuqua with you! This year will bring growth, excitement, and just a little bit of fear. So get ready — it’s going to be one crazy ride!

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