It has now been just over a month since Duke beat Wisconsin to claim the national championship in men’s basketball. Even here in China, we rearranged the class schedule and found a way to view the game live with our classmates. It was a special experience to be able to watch our fellow students achieve such outstanding results on the basketball court as we strive to do the same in our respective spheres.

Several of the players on this year’s championship team are set to enter the NBA draft, and my fellow MMS classmates and I are set to begin career paths of our own. Considering these parallel experiences has led me to reflect on a singular experience that we enjoyed in Durham in October, just before the basketball season began.

Our MMS class had the opportunity to participate in leadership modules and team-building exercises with former and current Duke players and coaches—in the same facility where the championship men’s and women’s teams practice, and on the same baskets I saw players Grayson Allen and Justice Winslow dunking on in preseason videos. We learned first-hand about the guiding principles passed down to each team led by Coach K, and we learned about how these principles will make us better leaders and team members in our future endeavors. I will never forget this experience and will take to heart the valuable lessons I learned. Check out the video to see more!

Watch the video on YouTube below or on Youku by clicking here.