The Olympics in Rio have arrived and are in full swing! Each athlete has a different story and each country a unique history. But at the Olympics something special happens.

Time seems to stand still and geopolitical feuds are largely put aside. For a few weeks every 4 years we witness the extraordinary beauty of what can happen when diversity is greeted with enthusiasm and showcased through excellence. For many, these values are what make the Olympics remarkable. For me, it’s precisely these values that led me to Fuqua.

Here we are taught to embrace team members’ differences, because they are the foundation of innovation. Like the Olympics, Fuqua emphasizes a sense of community—where our success is intrinsically linked to the success of our classmates. All the while, we share a fiery spirit of competition, a relentless internal drive to become the best version of ourselves by achieving our most ambitious goals.

It’s in these special environments, at the Olympics, and at Fuqua, where both greatness and goodness are cultivated. In the same way that billions across the world are drawn to watch the Olympics, I was drawn to attend Fuqua.

MMS Students attending a Durham Bulls minor league baseball game
Classmates attending a Durham Bulls minor league baseball game