In this second installment of our “Fuquans” series, we’re highlighting five of our classmates and getting to know a little more about them and what makes them tick.

Two of the students came to Durham after undergraduate experiences China—Tianjin and Beijing. Two attended college in other parts of the United States—Atlanta and Provo, Utah. And one didn’t have to come very far to begin the MMS program—he completed his undergraduate studies at Duke.

But they’re each unique and diverse in ways beyond where they went to school, and that’s part of what makes our program so great. So let’s get to know Shuang, Eric, Connor, Sylvia and Al…


Shuang Liang


“I was born and did my undergraduate degree in China. I am also remembered by people as ‘Cool-Cool’ simply because both of my first and last name in Chinese mean ‘Cool.’

The reason I decided to study at Fuqua for the MMS program is that I was at Duke Kunshan University (DKU) campus before, and I want to to extend my connections with Duke during my graduate study.

In my spare time in Durham, I help with DKU’s recruiting initiatives at Duke and hang out with friends within and beyond the MMS program. I love playing badminton at Wilson Gym every week. I love Duke as well as the Durham community, and both provide a great environment to study and relax. The MMS program offers us a variety of opportunities to get exposed to the reality of business including career services, and well-arranged coursework, etc. Thank you to Fuqua for being such a big part of my life during a crucial and formative time.”


Eric Huh


“I joined Fuqua because I needed a second chance in my life and to explore new opportunities outside of my little bubble.

If there’s one major takeaway I’ve learned from being a somewhat cognizant individual for 23 years on this earth it’s that no one is entitled to other people’s feelings. I know that’s a hard pill to swallow but the sooner you accept that, the better off everyone will be. Humans are selfish by nature, but selfishness doesn’t always lead to happiness.”


Connor Bice


“If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go visit Machu Pichu…my dream vacation.

Don’t ever forget who you are, especially when you’re with a large group of people. You try to conform to their standards. But I feel what makes a group special, a person special, is their individual characteristic and personality.”


Sylvia He


“I’m from China and I did my undergraduate studies at Peking University. It was a top school for nerds…yeah you can say nerds, and I’m one of them. One thing that will surprise you about me is that I have a dream to become a rapper in the future. I never met another Chinese business woman who wanted to become a rapper at the same time. I cover other people’s song and record it. In the future, maybe in five years, I will write my own lyrics or release an album.

I want people to know that you shouldn’t limit yourself to one role, one career path, or just one plan. Because for me I planned to work in China first, but I’m so lucky to have gotten into this place. I’m so happy to be in this program and to be able to experience American culture. It has given me a lot of surprises that I wouldn’t have imagined a year before. While we are still young we should try visit new parts of the world and have exciting experiences.”


Al Morris


“I’m half Lebanese…my whole mom’s family is from Lebanon. I’ve never been there but everybody in my family speaks Lebanese. And every single holiday of the year we eat Mediterranean food. Sort of like Turkey or whatever else Mediterranean. I enjoy maintaining that piece of my heritage.

My advice to everyone is to live everyday to the fullest. I try to do that and everybody at Fuqua tries to do that. That’s what I love about Fuqua and that’s why I came here.”