I come from the city of New Delhi, India, having pursued my undergraduate in computer science & history. I love technology and like to stay up to date on the latest and greatest happenings in the tech world. I enjoy long walks in the food court, trying out new places to eat, and cooking recipes at home. I also enjoy traveling, exploring new countries & cultures, meeting new people, and trying new cuisines. I document my adventures on Instagram.

In the few months that I've been in the U.S., I have managed to squeeze in a lot of traveling. My favorite U.S. experiences so far include exploring the self-driving Google car in San Francisco, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in L.A., feeling the mist of the Niagara Falls on my face, setting up a tent in the middle of the night in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, and being awed by Chicago's architecture.

At Fuqua, I've had the chance to meet a lot of interesting folks and participate in some engaging activities. Principals of Strategy taught by Professor Ramone has been my favorite course thus far. I'm excited to be part of the Fuqua community and look forward to my time ahead!

Fuqua Activities

Career Chair, MMSA Cabinet Member, Fuqua: Technology Advisory Council, Marketing Fellow, DISI Project Innovator