My hometown is a beautiful city called Nanjing in Eastern China. For my undergraduate studies, I went to two schools in the U.S. and enjoyed both college experiences. For the first two years I went to the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and the latter two years I studied at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I pursued a major in geography, but I took variety of classes in business, statistics and the humanities.

As to why I applied to MMS, I want to blend my liberal arts background with fundamental business skills that are necessary to prepare me for a job in consulting or finance. As a member of the MMS: DKU cohort, I am also excited to be one of the 34 pioneers of this new program and go to Kunshan in January.

In my spare time, I love shopping around local farmers markets and trying different recipes. Besides food, I like traveling, hiking, golfing and reading.

Last but not least, becoming a part of Team Fuqua is a once-in-a-life-time experience that I have begun to appreciate more and more since the first day of class. I have learned about being adaptive and flexible. People I work hard with on the assignments are also the ones I can hang out with outside of class. Thumbs up!