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Marketing Results

Brand Competition Delivers More than Just Marketing Experience

November 7, 2019

the three students presenting in front of a projection screen; marketing experience

For students interested in gaining marketing experience or learning about the fast-moving consumer goods industry, this competition is one of the best opportunities during the program to get front-line exposure to the business world

MMS Employment Outcomes for the Class of 2018

May 3, 2019

the entire class of 2018 in their gowns at commencement posing for a group photo and throwing their caps into the air; MMS employment outcomes

We’ve recently gathered and analyzed the latest career outcomes of the Master of Management Studies: Foundations of Business Class of 2018. I’m delighted to share the results, which show that employers continue to value the business skills and capabilities that graduates bring to their companies

Landing My Dream Job

August 30, 2016

on pit road during a NASCAR race, working in my dream job

My Life After Fuqua I’ve worked with Wasserman, a sports marketing and talent management company, for just over two years now. I primarily work on the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company account team helping…

What is a Winternship?

April 1, 2015

It’s more than just a catchy name. ‘Winternships’ are four-week internship experiences designed to be completed during the break between fall and spring courses. Some students organized opportunities independently. However, the Career Management…

Fuqua Helps Build Your Personal Brand

February 4, 2015

At Fuqua, we talk a lot about branding. We’re taught in marketing class that brand equity is one of the most significant advantages a company can have. The Career Management Center takes this…

Gain Leadership Experience While Following Your Passion

December 9, 2014

During my undergraduate career, it seemed that there were endless opportunities to become involved. Clubs based on preferred pastimes, organizations targeted towards future employment, and various leadership roles volleyed for my attention during…

Team Work at Fuqua is Beneficial & Fun

November 22, 2014

Throughout the admissions process and during the first couple weeks of classes, I heard a lot about the Team Fuqua mindset that defined our business school.  I often wondered what this term really…

Career Advisors for MMS: Welcome to the Network!

October 1, 2014

When we originally joined the MMS: FOB program, the first goal for many of us was achieving the dream job. We knew that was the ultimate goal, and that the program would help…

The Brand Challenge Mission

December 6, 2013

Recently, my fellow MMSers and I were given the opportunity to participate in the MBA Marketing Club’s Brand Challenge. The annual event is a fun and collaborative competition where teams of students develop…

MMS: The 10-Month Balancing Act

July 19, 2013

You’ve got 10 months to explore a new city, maybe even a new country, a new school, meet 100s of new people, and learn everything you can in 15 different classes. Ready. Set….

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