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What It Takes to Be A Student Leader

November 21, 2019

three students in a conference room white boarding and in a discussion; student leader

One popular opportunity is to serve as a student leader of the class in the MQM Association which is an integral part of the program experience

Finding Another Home and Family at Fuqua

July 17, 2019

five hands with henna art together forming a circle, symbolizing family at Fuqua

I was born in Lahore, Pakistan, and my favorite part of traveling home is my mother’s food. A distinct smell of spices and vegetables emanates from her kitchen

How the MQM Strategy Track Helps Me In My Job At Amazon

December 3, 2018

A group of MQM:BA students taking a group picture

I have always been interested in operations—so much so that I majored in transportation and logistics management in undergrad. When I enrolled in Fuqua’s MQM: Business Analytics program, my goal was to combine…

My Favorite MQM Experience

September 4, 2018

Bella, holding a signed Coach K basketball, with her classmate at a program event, but still not her favorite MQM experience

What’s my favorite MQM experience? That’s a tough question! Looking back, I have so many amazing moments to reflect on. It’s difficult to pick just one. However, my experience at Fuqua was truly unforgettable….

Frustration to Euphoria: The Hackathon Experience

June 11, 2018

The hackathon experience...Kelsey and Collin holding up the number 3 on their hands after the Duke Men's Basketball Hackathon

Even though I’ve been playing sports since I was five, I didn’t truly understand the importance of teamwork until I attempted to compete in a hackathon solo. There’s nothing more demoralizing than staring…

The Importance of Teams in the MQM Program

April 24, 2018

five teammates pose in a classroom, The Importance of Teams in the MQM Program

On January 17th, the day had come at last—Team Changeover. I was sad to leave my original learning team members, with whom I’d been working for the previous five months. But at the…

What is Team Fuqua?

April 9, 2018

six students seated around a table, collaborating on work embodies the answer to "What is Team Fuqua?"

Team Fuqua. It’s a term you constantly hear in our community. Ask for a definition and a hundred people will tell you a hundred stories to illustrate what it means to them. Synthesizing…

How Fuqua is Transforming Me Into a Better Person

February 22, 2018

students displaying their freshly carved Halloween pumpkins, Fuqua is transforming me into a better person

One week into the program, I asked myself whether I made the right choice by coming to Fuqua and joining the new MQM program. A couple of months earlier, I had rejected four…

Adjusting from Work Life to Student Life

February 19, 2018

2 students working in front of their laptop, a common scene from student life

When I made the decision to go to grad school, I remember thinking to myself that I was going to have a lot more free time. Being in the workforce for three years prior…

My Progressive Transformation During the Program

November 26, 2017

Dean Petranka at orientation talking about progressive transformation during the program

Our MQM orientation in July was all about the idea of “progressive transformation,” delivered by Assistant Dean Jeremy Petranka. I remember thinking to myself, is this actually going to happen? Is this more of…

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