We go through various life experiences. Some are small, such as dining in a restaurant, and some are big (and life-changing) such as an MBA from Fuqua. An MBA from Fuqua—apart from providing a prestigious degree—incorporates the most important aspect of being human, i.e. social knowledge sharing.

When I talk about the social aspect of the program I am not just talking about a diverse student body, but also faculty and staff. So when someone asks me for one favorite part of my Fuqua experience I will say “social” without batting an eyelid. Let me elaborate.


Fuqua Professor John Coleman
…and playing cornhole with us afterwards

Before I joined, I wondered how I would go through full-day lectures on weekends. After experiencing the first weekend of classes this doubt went away for good. The faculty—through class participation, humor, examples, cases and video—leaves you wanting more, even if it takes some coffee after lunch to help you focus on every detail of the fast-moving conversation.

Fuqua has the best faculty and interaction with them is great—not only inside the class room but outside as well—from thought provoking discussions on GDP growth rates of various countries or real-life operations simulations, to more casual dialogs while playing cornhole outside Tyler’s Taproom.


Fuqua's Weekend Executive MBA students
Some of my classmates at a social event

Continuing with my Fuqua social aspect, the diverse mix of students makes this experience even more fulfilling. My class has people from various backgrounds and ages, from a doctor with adult kids to an IT manager with toddlers.

Fuqua does a good job of selecting prospective students who not only broaden your perspective and enrich the learning experience, but become good friends for life.


Fuqua's student support staff
A few members of the staff who supports our class

How can I complete the Fuqua social aspect without the wonderful staff, from the Thomas Center front desk staff, bartender and kitchen crew, to Fuqua IT and administration? The experience started even before my admission to Fuqua. My first interaction was with the Weekend Executive MBA admissions counselor who provided the first positive encouragement that influenced me to apply to Fuqua. Since then, whether it’s the program management team with their well-organized agenda and events, or the kitchen staff providing us with best food and service during our residencies, have made this experience wonderful (I would like to say we are a little spoiled!)

Students, faculty and staff are what makes Team Fuqua, and their unique contributions create such a successful program and a positive experience.