One of the issues on the minds of many students pursuing graduate studies is how to finance their education. Though many schools offer scholarships and loans as a form of support, these are not always the solution for smaller, day-to-day expenses (and the occasional splurge :-). Having worked for all 4 years during college, I was hoping to continue in this respect as a means of covering some of my expenses. Balancing work and school is not for everyone, and the demands of the MMS program (and indeed all graduate programs) make the task even more challenging. However, Duke provides a supportive option to help students who wish to work during their course of study.

I work as an office assistant with the Dean of Student Affairs, in the Flowers Building on West Campus. I work at the main desk, managing phone calls and the visitors who come to see Dean Sue Wasiolek and her colleagues. Beyond the obvious financial benefits, this job also provides me with an opportunity to interact with undergraduates and to explore Duke beyond Fuqua. It’s great to be able to provide advice and guidance to students who are experiencing the same challenges that I had as an undergraduate, and I know that what seems like a huge challenge will turn out just fine.

If you’d like to find out more about working on campus, visit this site.