I am pleased to share that I will be employed after graduating from the MMS program in May! Yesterday, I officially accepted a corporate strategy consulting position with Wells Fargo in Charlotte.

I am excited to get started, but I’m even more pumped to have a job that gives me the independence to make decisions that affect the bottom line of the firm. It’s rare for a young worker to make such a strong impact out of school. As a corporate strategist, I will help executives with initiatives for the bank and will develop new ones.

At the beginning of the MMS program, I did not intend to become a strategy consultant. As I mentioned in my previous post on interviews, I had my sights narrowed in on doing fixed income sales for a bulge bracket bank. Given the European debt crisis and looming recession within the United States, that goal became a pipe dream. Not as many recruiters came to campus for positions that specific. Open up a Wall Street Journal today, and you’ll find sales and trading groups are being cut by the thousands every week.

My friend at a private equity firm gave me the best advice to date. He called the banking crisis back in August, so he told me to increase my options and look into other industries and professions. Without his advice, I would have never applied to a consulting position at Wells. In fact, I would still be jobless and probably head into the winter break with the stress of trying to find something.

So far, MMS students seem to be doing very well on the job front. My roommate, Vickram Patel, will be working at the Boston Consulting Group in Atlanta. One student will work for McKinsey in China, and there are a few who will be investment bankers. Other companies locking up MMS students include:

  • Capital One
  • Apple
  • Accenture
  • IBM
  • Peace Corps

This list is growing by the week, despite the tough market and heavy competition!