Procter & Gamble is the world’s leading consumer packaged good (CPG) company and also one of the best places to start a marketing career in consumer goods. As a member of the MMS Marketing Club, I was offered an opportunity to have dinner with two P&G executives: the Vice President of External Business Development & Global Licensing, and the Open Innovation Leader of Global Business Development. The dinner was hosted by Duke’s undergraduate marketing club.

During dinner, we heard about the strategic differences that impact sales, about how much details matter, about new P&G products, etc. Overall, it was very interesting to hear from the executives who actually implement large-scale strategies. Then after dinner I attended the P&G information session, where the executives spoke further about their company and their marketing campaigns.

When I first got the email about this event, I thought, “Wow!” This was a very unique experience, and a great networking opportunity. There’s no telling how it may benefit me during my job search. I’m just amazed by the opportunities that I’m offered by simply being in the MMS program and the Marketing Club. If you want such opportunities, this is surely the place to be.