Since the holidays are here, I decided to put together a brief wish list for the season, from a student’s perspective. Here goes:

  1. Job – Number one on the list. This is one of my main reasons for doing the MMS program, and getting a job is obviously the single most important aspect of launching a career. Many MMS students are anxiously awaiting interviews or application results, and landing an interview or an offer would be the ultimate gift.
  2. Signing Bonus – Literally an added plus to getting a job. Signing bonuses are something that I never heard of before the MMS program, but I hope I get one.
  3. Good Grades – We had finals right before the break, and I hope I did well. We’re anxiously awaiting our final grades, which we work so hard for throughout the year. It would be nice to have the gift of good grades waiting for us over the break.
  4. Visit Family and Friends – Everyone wants to go home for the holidays, but if they can’t, we’re such a close knit group, that most people feel like they are at home with their classmates. Lots of people are far away from home, so it’s nice for them to have friends in the MMS program that they can spend time with.
  5. Team Cohesion – Getting all the members of a team on the same page can be a challenge. When teams work cohesively, they run like a well-oiled machine and get projects done quickly and effectively.
  6. Deadline Extensions – These are more like a fantasy for MMS students … but I can still wish. In the program, deadlines are deadlines, and they really aren’t an option. When it comes down to the wire, lots of teams have to pull a few late nights to get things done.
  7. Duke Basketball Tickets – We all know that Duke Basketball is the crème de la crème of ACC sports, so it’s only natural that we all want to go to all of the games! Tons of students have gone to games already, so hopefully everyone can go before the year is out.
  8. Time Machine – To fast forward to graduation and the end of classes, of course!
  9. Aspirin – For exam study sessions and all nighters.

Happy holidays to all of my classmates, as well as to any readers out there! Make it a good one!