I mentioned in previous posts that I’d be working for Wells Fargo in Charlotte. While I was greatly looking forward to that position, my circumstances changed, and it was in my best interest to take another opportunity.

The day after Duke’s commencement, I packed up my life again and moved to a new home: Baltimore, Maryland. My dream job had presented itself only days before graduation, and now I’m the new Director of Media Strategy for Stansberry & Associates Investment Research and the Producer of Stansberry Radio.

Stansberry & Associates (S&A) has made a very strong name for itself in the investment publishing business for more than 10 years. Currently, many financial research firms are struggling to convert their content into revenue (see Jim Cramer and his Street.com). S&A, on the other hand, makes hundreds of millions of dollars every year thanks to its unique research and loyal subscribers.

I wasn’t brought in to S&A to conduct research or analysis, though. Instead, S&A wanted to start an entirely new media business — with radio, television, merchandise, etc. Given that my undergraduate years were spent reporting news and working in media, this was right up my alley. The MMS degree allowed me to combine my media and business backgrounds and parlay them into this newly created role.

One month into the job and the results have been positive. The production quality of our shows has greatly improved. We’ve added many unique aspects to the listener experience, such as a hotline number and feedback email address for listeners to leave their comments. My first order of business has been to build up the radio station by driving traffic to our site. This meant getting our two hosts — Porter Stansberry and Frank Curzio — and their work syndicated across other financial media. In addition, the firm previously had no presence on social media. So many elements could be added at minimal costs, so I implemented them. I also book famous guests for the show and produce much of the content. The website is being improved and will be fully up-and-running by early July.

The good news: Podcast downloads, listens and hits on our website are up by more than 800%. We’re becoming one of the fastest growing financial podcasts in the world.

The challenge: How can I turn all the positive numbers into financial returns? I have lots of ideas and plans, and I’m looking forward to making them a reality by the end of the year.

As we say at Stansberry, “Good investing.”