My favorite part of the MMS: Foundations of Business program is the focus on self-assessment and development. So far, we’ve focused on this in our Business Communications class, as well as workshops on team dynamics and career preparation.

In order to be a great leader, I think it is essential to be highly self-aware and to recognize various personality traits in others. Because of the intensive training we’re receiving in the MMS: FOB program, I think we will be able to work effectively with a variety of people. Already, I am finding that I am accomplishing team activities with people who are far different than myself.

Through various tools and exercises, I am becoming more aware of myself, especially how I operate. From the Myers-Briggs assessment we took, I learned that my personality type enjoys extroversion, intuitive thinking, and order, as opposed to ambiguity.  Then the Career Leader assessment confirmed that I am passionate about leadership and opportunities for development.  The information gained through these in-depth assessments led me to a solid understanding of what career roles will best suit my personality, work style, and motivations.

Additionally, the Business Communications course places a large emphasis on public speaking. I am so grateful for this unique experience. In the class, we wrote and delivered several speeches, and received instant feedback from classmates. I loved having this opportunity to hone my verbal communications skills with supportive classmates.  When my classmates critique my speeches, it is with the understanding that they want the best for me. In addition to my classmates, the instructor, Sharon Eisner, provides expert tips on how to become a more memorable speaker.

In the MMS: FOB program, there is a very strong emphasis on personal and professional development. Despite being here for 2 months, I already feel more self-assured to enter the workforce, and fully capable of handling anything that may come my way.