What I’m doing professionally

Since graduating with the MMS: FOB Class of 2014, I’ve been a consultant with Deloitte Advisory’s Finance and Operations Risk Transformation practice, working primarily with banking and securities clients.

The most important thing I learned at Fuqua

Fuqua taught me how to be effective in high-pressure environments and how to empower others along the way. For example, in Managerial Accounting, I learned how incentives can be a potent, yet complex tool and having this lens has helped me navigate many situations both personally and professionally. For example, it’s helped me mobilize informal teams at work and clearly articulate to my managers how I can be the most productive.

How the MMS program helped me prepare for my job

The MMS program helped strengthen my leadership, teamwork, and critical thinking skills. Inside and outside Fuqua, I pushed myself to manage multiple responsibilities—both as a leader and a follower—while keeping up with my academic work. My work environment is quite similar in that I’m expected to take on a variety of internal initiatives in addition to my client work. This type of intensive practice has been invaluable to my career at Deloitte.

Fuqua School of Business Master of Management Studies (MMS) commencement ceremony in Cameron Indoor Stadium
Fuqua School of Business Master of Management Studies (MMS) commencement ceremony in Cameron Indoor Stadium

Ways I’ve leveraged the Fuqua network since graduation

I’ve stayed connected with the Fuqua network! At Deloitte, I am the recruiting team lead for the Duke University Relations Team working with numerous Fuqua alums to find synergies on how various Deloitte practices can engage with faculty and students. In addition, I support one of the lead partners (also a Fuqua alum) in hiring MMS students for our practice. Through these experiences, I’ve gotten to know many students, including the MMS Class of 2015 (now graduates).

Where my travels have taken me

Professionally, I’ve traveled to various locations in New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Texas, and even to Toronto, where I grew up. Personally, I’ve traveled to over 17 countries across the Americas, Europe, and Asia and hope to explore North Africa soon!