I decided to attend Fuqua because I wanted to add foundational business skills to my undergraduate degree in kinesiology. At the time I was really focused on finding a way to work at the intersection of business and health care, and that was the focus of my career search for quite some time. But as I took classes at Fuqua, I realized there were so many areas of business I had never considered going into. Support from the Career Management Center (CMC) and Fuqua alumni gave me the courage I needed to explore a career in those areas—ultimately opening my eyes to the world of finance.

While I really enjoyed the diverse courses at Fuqua, I wasn’t sure exactly what area of business I wanted to focus on yet. A rotational program seemed like the perfect fit. I was even able to find a few biotechnology companies that offered these types of programs, so I set my sights in that direction as I continued my career search.

When I met with my career advisor, she suggested I look into a rotational program at General Motors. It hadn’t crossed my radar because it wasn’t in the health care field. It was also a finance program, and I hadn’t taken a finance course at Fuqua yet. Luckily, my advisor was able to secure me a spot at a coffee chat Fuqua was hosting that night. On the call, I met an MMS: DKU grad in her third and final year of the rotational program, and I was able to ask her a lot of questions. She encouraged me to apply even though I hadn’t started the Fuqua finance courses yet.

I got the job! So far, it has really been an amazing experience. I am in the process of starting my third and final rotation, and I am so glad I was encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and look into a career in finance. Now, I get to pay it forward by connecting with current Blue Devils as a part of GM’s Duke recruiting team.

In these past two years, I have learned so much from getting to work in so many different functions. In a recent interview with Fuqua’s Admissions team, I gave some insight into what my day-to-day life is like at GM and what it is like to be a part of the rotational program.