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The Brand Challenge Mission

Recently, my fellow MMSers and I were given the opportunity to participate in the MBA Marketing Club’s Brand Challenge. The annual event is a fun and collaborative competition where teams of students develop creative strategies... Read More

What’s “Fuqua Friday?”

Fuqua Friday - Delicious dinner and cultural feast

When's the last time you watched a cook off, a dance off, learned about a cultural tradition you'd previously known nothing about, and had dinner with hundreds of people in a casual setting, or some... Read More

A Heart for Service

Before coming to Fuqua, serving on the MMS Association (MMSA) Executive Board was not even remotely in my mind. I am not even sure if I was aware of its existence. Despite this fact and... Read More

Some Final Fuqua Events

During the last few weeks of the MMS program, there were many events to celebrate and embrace how far we’ve come, as well as give back to the community. One of our final events was... Read More