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How Students Can Make the Most of Winter Break

August 30, 2017

an MMS student with a Fuqua Career Coach, winter break

After enduring three fast-paced terms, MMS students get a much-needed winter break. Most students are ready to relax, see family and friends or travel, but it’s also an excellent time to focus on the…

Ways to Engage as a Prospective MMS Student

July 17, 2017

MMS student

In Admissions, we often say that Fuqua’s unique culture is best experienced interpersonally. We strongly believe that interacting with admissions officers, students, faculty, or alumni is the ideal way for you to determine…

Tips on Writing Your ’25 Things’ Essay

July 6, 2017

25 things

If you’ve taken a look at an application for any of the programs we offer at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, then a unique essay prompt has likely caught your eye—“25 Random Things…

The Evolution of the MMS Program

June 23, 2017

MMS program

Steve Misuraca is a Duke undergrad and Fuqua Daytime MBA alumnus who has served as director of the Master of Management Studies program since 2013. His passion and vision for the MMS program and his involvement…

11 Things To Do Before Moving to Durham

May 2, 2017

1. Find a place to live Here are a few choices: Solis Erwin Mills Berkshire The Heights Belmont Swift The Heights is currently the most common place to live among MMS students. It’s convenient for…

Acing the GMAT

April 7, 2017

a computer being used to study for the GMAT

Don’t be intimidated by the GMAT. In my opinion it’s probably one of the easier standardized tests, because it doesn’t have a specific syllabus to study. You can theoretically crack it based on your…

8 Tips to Ace Your Admissions Interview

April 6, 2017

An admissions interview room

You worked hard to present your best self to the admissions committee through your application. You spent hours studying for exams, drafting meaningful essays, refining your resume, and working with professors and managers…

Don’t Miss Fuqua Around the World

March 22, 2017

More than a dozen attendees of Fuqua Around the World pose for a photo with a Fuqua banner

Fuqua Around The World (aka #FuquaATW) is a series of global networking and social events for Fuquans all over the globe. The events are organized by Fuqua’s alumni relations team, hosted by alumni in…

How Blue Devil Experience Changed My Life

March 20, 2017

5 admitted students posing for a photo during Blue Devil Experience

It’s spring break back in Durham and I’m in the Duke Kunshan University (DKU) library in China, waiting for two of my best friends to get out of their decision models class.  As I walked…

Fuquans: A Few People You’ll Love Getting to Know

by and
February 27, 2017

Five students teammates, Fuquans

Upon arrival in Durham, we quickly realized one thing that stood out about Fuqua—the people. It’s such an interesting and diverse set of people that make up the Fuqua family. Our MMS Class…