There was a lot of excitement in 2016 when we announced the start of the Master of Quantitative Management: Business Analytics (MQM: BA) program. Since the launch, we have welcomed two classes and watched graduates take on exciting careers around the world.

Once again, Fuqua is keeping pace with both the growing demand from employers and interest from prospective students by increasing the program size starting in the fall of 2019.

While this is a big change, we believe this will not only create an educational opportunity for more people but also enhance the student experience in the program.

Enhanced Learning

The MQM: BA program allows students to select one of four tracks—finance, marketing, forensics, or strategy. Our tracks have not yet met their capacity, so we expect this increase to not only optimize class size for in-class discussions but also offer a greater diversity of backgrounds and team variety. Core class student maximums will remain the same—we will open additional class sections to accommodate everyone.

Strong Career Outcomes

We are proud of the employment data for the inaugural class of the program! Six months after graduation, 97% of students had accepted a job offer, and 70% of those graduates found their position with the help of the Career Management Center. Our career team has spent two years establishing significant resources for MQM. Building on this investment, the team is prepared to broaden work with students on job prospects and deliver individualized coaching throughout the search.

The alumni network at Fuqua is very strong, and MQM: BA alumni have shown an amazing propensity to give back to the program. Students in the Class of 2020 will gain access to the Fuqua alumni network that will include the 250-plus MQM: BA alumni in jobs, industries, and roles throughout the world.

“Students in the MQM: BA program are not only academically driven, but also bring a wealth of extracurricular experience and talent to the program. At Fuqua, almost all of the extracurricular activities and interest groups are student-driven, which allows students to take ownership and make it an incredibly fulfilling part of their Fuqua journey.”

Rohma Zubair, Class of 2019

Student Life Experience

We put an emphasis on time in and out of the classroom, and the student life experience at Fuqua is what makes us unique. To maintain and enhance those experiences, an additional program coordinator will join the team to help with the student life aspect of the program.

We are excited to grow a program that has seen so much success. If you have not done so already, we encourage you to attend one of our virtual sessions or join us for a campus visit, to see how you can launch your career surrounded by a team and program that has a focus on you, the individual.