I have been involved with the Admissions Ambassador program since my first year at Fuqua. I decided to be part of the program because I love meeting prospective students and sharing why I love Fuqua.

A campus visit is an important part of the admissions process at any school, and I highly encourage you make every effort to come to Durham. Here are some tips to make the most out of it when you do:

1. Spend Time in the Admissions Lounge

  • During your campus visit you will have the unique opportunity to ask questions to understand if Fuqua is the right place for you. Before you arrive, prepare questions for the students you’ll meet that will help you determine if Fuqua is a good fit for you and why. Keep reading, questions tips below!
  • Learn about the paired principles, how students have exemplified them, and start to think how you will impact the community should you decide to enroll at Fuqua.
  • After your visit, connect with the students you meet during it. Networking will be a huge part of your experience, and establishing relationships early will be useful.
  • Sign up for the daily group meet and greet with an admissions officer. The admissions officers are available to share insights on the application process and answer group questions.
  • Learn how to pronounce Fuqua correctly!

2. Sign Up for the Tour & Lunch

students are profiled on a display board in the hall, one of the stops during a campus visit tour
The paired principle wall celebrating student’s impact at Fuqua
  • Check out the team rooms, the Ford Library, hall of flags, Paired Principles wall, Fox Center, and Winter Garden.
  • As a business school student at Duke, you will spend most of your time in the Fuqua building. Make sure you sign up to tour the facilities. You will be able to ask your tour guide questions so have some prepared.

3. Visit a Class

  • Fuqua has unique classroom norms which are intended to maximize the classroom experience. Some of the norms include being in your seat ready to go at the time class starts, no food, and no technology devices.
  • If experiencing classroom culture is important to you, consider coming on a weekday when classes are in session rather than a weekend visit.
  • If visiting in the fall, you will be able to sit in core classes where as in the spring, most classes are electives.

4. Other Recommended Activities

  • Consider visiting on a Friday and staying for Fuqua Friday. Fuqua Friday is a great time for MBA students, partners, faculty, and professors to get together socially and catch up on the week. You will be able to enjoy dinner and drinks (I will say the family room where the kids play has the best chicken fingers).
  • Set up an informal coffee chat with Association of Women in Business (AWIB).
  • Meet and greet with the Health Sector Management (HSM) Club and HSM students (Friday only).

5. Questions

Fox Center the go to for lunch during a campus visit
Students have lunch in the Fox Center

We love hosting visitors at Fuqua and hope you enjoy your time. Overall tips: arrive early, make sure you are in the lounge 15 minutes before each scheduled activity, and come prepared to ask questions to understand if Fuqua is the place for you!