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Back to School

I land in Durham, unpack not just summer luggage, but also boxes from an apartment move. Set up the cable and internet. Jumpstart my car not once, but twice. Rush out to get groceries. Go... Read More

How I Got to “Durham”

Hello readers! While I've spent years as an avid blog reader, this is the first time I’m writing for a blog. As part of my transformational experience here at Fuqua, I decided to take on... Read More

The Business of Healthcare

The business school application process forces you to think about what you are passionate about and where in society you'd like to make a personal contribution. It allowed me to articulate a nascent desire to... Read More

Q and A With Kim, Part 5

Of the courses offered in the Health Sector Management curriculum, which have you taken or plan to take? For HSM, I did an independent study over two terms. That was a great experience. I designed a... Read More