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Breaking Down Fuqua’s Health Care Programming

June 28, 2018

a brochure and attendees from the conference, one of Fuqua's health care programming options

When I arrived on campus, I was excited and impassioned about studying health care. But it took some time before I understood the difference between all of Fuqua’s health care programming. So here’s…

Exploring a Career Path: Highlights from My Genentech Internship

October 25, 2016

interns gathered for a happy hour, Genentech internship

When I came to Fuqua last year, I never thought that I would end up at Genentech for my summer internship. With a background in consulting and interest in the provider space, I…

Bootcamp: An Intensive Study of Health Care

October 20, 2016

study of health care

When I told my friends and coworkers that I was starting my first MBA classes on July 17, a Sunday, they thought I was crazy. But that was when the Health Sector Management…

Banking to Health Care: The Path Less Traveled

October 6, 2016

students laughing during a classroom lecture, banking to health care

Growing up I always wanted to be a doctor.  So, following this passion and an interest in helping my community, I went to college to study pre-med. However, the more pre-med classes I…

Students Have Input in the Health Sector Management Program

October 1, 2015

Fuqua's Duke Daytime MBA Health Sector Management (HSM) student fellows

Liz Meinert, a dedicated Health Sector Management (HSM) student from the Class of 2015, developed the idea of an HSM Fellowship in her first year at Fuqua. She felt that fellows would strengthen…

Time for a Check-Up: Curing Health Care Through Innovation

January 20, 2015

Health Care Club setting the stage for a discussion panel

One of the most exciting events that the Health Care Club hosts is its annual conference. The November 2014 conference focused on innovation, and I had the chance to listen to two discussion…

Health Sector Management (HSM) Highlights in Fall 1 and 2

March 7, 2014

Student at Fuqua's Healthcare Conference

Greetings prospective HSMers! Fall Terms 1 and 2 were a busy and exciting time in the Health Sector Management (HSM) program, with weekly academic seminars, the November healthcare conference, and the December Town…

Favorite Experience at Fuqua So Far: HSM Boot Camp

October 12, 2013

I moved to Durham on Saturday, July 20, and started the Health Sector Management (HSM) boot camp on Sunday. The boot camp was a quick transition back to school, and the perfect way…

Family Matters: Getting an MBA as a Parent

June 21, 2013

I am Liz Charles, a mother of four children and a recent Daytime MBA graduate. Before Fuqua, I worked as a registered nurse for Kaiser Permanente in Denver, Colorado. When my youngest son…

Boot Camp Sets the Stage for Fuqua Experience

July 31, 2012

HSM Provides Outlet for Giving Back Previous to coming to Duke, I volunteered and worked at hospitals, clinics, and a generic drug manufacturer. I witnessed patient interaction and saw patient feedback from a…

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