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Activities for Fuqua Partners

Fuqua Partners

I’m so happy to be writing another post about the interesting and varied activities sponsored by Fuqua Partners. First, I think you might want a little background on Fuqua Partners. It’s comprised of people in... Read More

25 Random Things About Me

By far, my favorite application essay to write was Fuqua’s “25 Random Things About Me.” However, I was surprised to talk to other applicants and hear how difficult many found the essay to write. My... Read More

It’s Blue Devil Weekend!

You’re in!!! Welcome, Duke MBA class of 2015!!! This weekend, a little over 100 admitted students will be joining us from all over the world for the Duke MBA Blue Devil Weekend (BDW). As the... Read More

Carolina Pumpkin Culture

Most of the “Fall Festivals” I’ve experienced (in Southern California) are just a few pumpkins and bales of hay in some deserted parking lot next to noisy railroad tracks or a freeway. This is not... Read More