Students frequently begin the MMS: FOB program with limited exposure to the industries that they aim to enter post-graduation. As a career coach with Fuqua’s Career Management Center (CMC), I am continuously impressed with how our students balance a demanding academic load while building insight into the companies and roles that interest them most.

As the MMS: FOB Class of 2023 entered the halls at Fuqua, markets were slowing after hiring at a breakneck pace for two years. Steadfast focus, coupled with the power of the Fuqua network, fueled searches, and we’re excited to see the impact these graduates will have in the years ahead.

When the Class of 2023 began their Fuqua journey, they were already record-setters as the largest cohort in program history. So, it should not come as a surprise that they set a high bar for success, and I am proud to celebrate their accomplishments.

Salaries Continue Upward Trend

Our 2023 MMS graduates navigated a challenging market with strength and adaptability. All of that effort paid off. According to the latest employment report, the Class of 2023 earned a median annual salary of $75,000—the second highest for MMS graduates. Compensation is just one factor of a role, but it is encouraging to see median salaries continue to trend in an upward direction after last year’s record-setting outcomes.

An MMS: FOB Class of 2023 graduate smiling during the commencement ceremony

Alumni Share Career Insights

Fuqua’s network of enthusiastic and helpful alumni has made the job search process much more manageable for students. Alumni are joining current students for live chats on their work experience and progression since graduating from the MMS program. Their industry and company insights are unmatched and will be continuously more important in helping students and new graduates find roles that fit them.

Attractive Industries for Graduates

In 2023, the breadth of employers grew and graduates accepted job offers in a wider range of industries. Finance was the top industry for graduates. Consulting and technology remained in the top three, but a higher percentage of graduates entered the health care, energy, or manufacturing industries.

The success of the Class of 2023 is a testament to their tenacity and preparation. Combined with the strength of the Fuqua network behind them, I’m confident they are poised to make significant impacts in their chosen fields.