Tag: Giving Back

Why Duke? Why Fuqua?

Duke. Fuqua. These two words are game changers. Being accepted into a program that is a part of both? That is life changing. Ok, well maybe being accepted into the MMS: Foundations of Business program... Read More

Finding the Perfect Path

I graduated from Meredith College, a women’s college in Raleigh, NC, with a bachelor's degree in psychology and two minors in history and Italian. So how did a person like me end up in a... Read More

MBA Games Coming Soon!

The time has come (the walrus said) for the MMS team to tie up any loose fundraising ends and gear up for the MBA Games Weekend, which starts this Friday. (See my previous post for... Read More

For the Kids

One day while messing around on Facebook during lunch, I noticed that my friend, Kourtney Kellin, had added an acronym to her name on her profile. It read "FTK" in bold letters. Scrunching up my... Read More

MMS Throws Hat into MBA Games Ring

Every year MBA students organize fundraising events for the Duke MBA Games, a charity benefiting the Special Olympics of North Carolina. Students are registered via an online platform, teams are assembled, and fundraisers are planned.... Read More

A Heart for Service

Before coming to Fuqua, serving on the MMS Association (MMSA) Executive Board was not even remotely in my mind. I am not even sure if I was aware of its existence. Despite this fact and... Read More

A Gift to Fuqua

It feels great to have made it through the MMS program, and finally join another wonderful alumni network. Watching everyone file past in their robes during graduation made me extremely proud of my classmates and... Read More

Some Final Fuqua Events

During the last few weeks of the MMS program, there were many events to celebrate and embrace how far we’ve come, as well as give back to the community. One of our final events was... Read More