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November 7, 2014

Our class gain insight from Fuqua alumni during career-specific information sessions

My favorite part of MMS so far is various types of career management services that help students explore or target their dream jobs. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest purposes of paying big money…

To Apply or Not? That’s the Question & Here’s My Answer:

January 27, 2014

It’s seventh grade, and I’m listening to my teacher, Mrs. Stoltz, speak about our assignments for the day. The flow chart on the wall delineates our projects for the duration of class. As…

Networking is like a Game of Ping Pong, Literally

December 26, 2013

When you’re a graduate student at The Fuqua School of Business, even the fortune cookie that you get with your Chinese takeout food gives you the same advice — “attend receptions, send emails…

Fuqua’s Got Talent: A Different Side of Business School

December 16, 2013

When one thinks of business school, suits, recruiting, and stressful late-night study sessions frequently come to mind. It is a place where accomplished individuals from all over the world gather to learn, grow,…

The Brand Challenge Mission

December 6, 2013

Recently, my fellow MMSers and I were given the opportunity to participate in the MBA Marketing Club’s Brand Challenge. The annual event is a fun and collaborative competition where teams of students develop…

MMS Throws Hat into MBA Games Ring

March 19, 2013

Every year MBA students organize fundraising events for the Duke MBA Games, a charity benefiting the Special Olympics of North Carolina. Students are registered via an online platform, teams are assembled, and fundraisers…

Entrepreneurship – From Theory to Practice

March 4, 2013

Durham is arguably at the center of the growing Research Triangle Park area that fosters a massive amount of technology startups. Incubators and programs for entrepreneurs to meet, converse, and solve problems are…

BBQ and Basketball

February 13, 2013

Fuqua has fun events all the time — sometimes it’s difficult to choose which events to attend because there are so many options! For example, the other week there was a tailgating party…

Friendly, Knowledgeable Career Advice

January 29, 2013

At Fuqua, there is a wonderful program called Volunteer Alumni Career Fellows (VACF). The VACFs are Fuqua MBA alumni who volunteer to be paired with an MMS student by the Career Management Center…

Fuqua Network Still Strong After Graduation

January 7, 2013

I truly loved being a part of Fuqua during my year in the MMS program. Aside from the academic and career-oriented aspects of it, you really feel like you’re in a close-knit family….

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