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First Impression: This is a Special Program

January 18, 2019

students, some of whom are dressed in traditional African garments, enjoying Nigerian food at the event, MMS is a special program

When I walked through Fuqua’s doors last July, I wasn’t completely sure what this year would hold for me. Slightly overwhelmed and incredibly nervous, I went into orientation feeling like it would the first day…

Leadership at Fuqua

April 26, 2016

Leadership at Fuqua

We talk a lot about ‘Consequential Leadership’ at Fuqua, and within the MMS Student Association (MMSA), we exhibit it. After our first term, 8 cabinet positions, 3 judiciary positions, and 8 club leadership positions are voted on. Students…

My First American Halloween

November 15, 2013

It all started long before October 31. Already in the middle of September, when it was still hot as though summer wasn’t going to leave at all, I went for groceries and saw…

Frankie’s Fun Park Lives Up to its Name

April 18, 2013

Work hard, play hard. It’s a mantra you’ll hear over and over at Fuqua. Luckily for us, it’s not just a mantra, but a true philosophy by which Fuqua students live. So it’s…

MMS Throws Hat into MBA Games Ring

March 19, 2013

Every year MBA students organize fundraising events for the Duke MBA Games, a charity benefiting the Special Olympics of North Carolina. Students are registered via an online platform, teams are assembled, and fundraisers…

It’s Flunch Time

March 8, 2013

Every term we have lunches called “flunches,” which are lunches with faculty members, sponsored by the MMSA (the MMS Association). These lunches serve as a unique opportunity to get to know our new…

A Heart for Service

January 17, 2013

Before coming to Fuqua, serving on the MMS Association (MMSA) Executive Board was not even remotely in my mind. I am not even sure if I was aware of its existence. Despite this…

Club Life

October 27, 2011

In my previous posts I’ve talked quite a bit about the academic and professional (aka job search) demands of the program, but not much about what there is to do within the Fuqua…

Crossing the Sectional Divide

October 7, 2011

October 4th marked the first official MMS “cross-section lunch.” This created an opportunity for students in different sections to socialize with each other. This was an experience many students had not had since…