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You Have Questions, Admissions Has Answers

September 22, 2017

prospective students watch a presentation by an Admissions officer

In my initial conversation with prospective students, often the last question they ask me is, “What have I not asked that I should be asking?” The truth is, there are probably endless things to…

Hey, What’s Up with the (*)?

September 18, 2017

Dan McCleary, director of admissions for executive MBA programs at desk

If you have landed here you are probably interested in learning more about how you pursue an MBA while keeping a full-time job. You are likely also interested in what those options look…

Contact Admissions for Guidance

October 3, 2014

Originally from Florida, I made the move to North Carolina over the summer to join Fuqua’s Admissions staff. Like many of you, I was looking to be part of something bigger. What I…

Free Lunch with a Side of Honest MBA Insight

February 26, 2014

Maybe it’s just me, but even though I’m a Director at a Fortune 50 company, I’m still a sucker for a free lunch. Based on that, it probably won’t come as much of…

Fuqua MBA Admissions Counselors are Here to Help

October 7, 2013

By Andy Medlin, former Weekend Executive MBA admissions counselor. Hello from Admissions! As the Weekend Executive MBA Admissions Counselor, I assist prospective students through the stages of their research and application process. At…