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Done Already?

When I began receiving emails regarding graduation, I couldn't believe that the big day was approaching. In fact, I remember that my heart nearly jumped out of my chest when I first saw the word... Read More

It’s Blue Devil Weekend!

You’re in!!! Welcome, Duke MBA class of 2015!!! This weekend, a little over 100 admitted students will be joining us from all over the world for the Duke MBA Blue Devil Weekend (BDW). As the... Read More

25 Notable Things

Fuqua recently instituted a question in the MBA application that asks for 25 random things about applicants. When I first heard this, I immediately thought of the Facebook notes chain that was viral in 2009.... Read More

A B-School Musical

This Friday at 7:15 pm, the Arts@Fuqua Club will put on Fuqua’s first originally produced live musical, appropriately titled Fuqua Musical... The show is the opener for the club’s annual Fuqua Idol event and chronicles... Read More

My Bucket List

As the end of Term 4 nears, I’ve been able to reflect upon how I’ve spent my first year at Fuqua and … I’m disgusted with myself. I mean, there are so many things I... Read More