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How to Become A Student Leader in MMS

May 1, 2020

several dozen students, many of whom are holding lanterns they made, pose for a photo, student leadership

Being a student leader at Fuqua can mean many different things, and a big part of that process in MMS is giving students the space to decide what that means for themselves on an individual level.

Beyond the Classroom: Extracurriculars at Fuqua and Duke

November 22, 2019

close to 20 students pose for a photo with Professor John Buley during a finance interest group session, one of the extracurriculars at Fuqua

Extracurricular activities have always been one of my favorite parts about school. At Fuqua, there are multitudinous opportunities to participate in and even create clubs of your own

Clubs at Fuqua: A Great Match for My Interests

October 26, 2018

a standing room only classroom of students looks on, clubs at Fuqua

When reflecting on my time in the MMS program, there is no doubt that my involvement with the Daytime MBA clubs at Fuqua shaped a major part of my experience. After being in…

Benefits of Getting Involved with Fuqua Clubs

October 2, 2018

Student organizers of the Business in Africa Conference pose for a photo after the event, Fuqua clubs

Attending Fuqua was both exhilarating and intimidating at the same time. Cultivating strong and lasting relationships has always been something I strive to do wherever I am. Therefore, from the moment I started the…

Unrivaled Returns: MMS Starts an Investment Club

May 6, 2016

Investment Club visits Morgan Creek Capital Management

A remarkable ecosystem exists among entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and the financiers who create, fund and unlock business value. Yet that ecosystem often feels like nothing more than a distant theory in a classroom…

What a Day at Fuqua Looks Like

January 20, 2016

an MMS classroom - part of a day at Fuqua

Six months into the Master of Management Studies (MMS) program, I can assure you of one thing. There is no typical day at Fuqua if you take full advantage of the plethora of resources that…

Q&A with MMS Student Leaders

August 19, 2015

Duke MMS student leaders help organize events for students like this one at a trampoline park

As I mentioned in my overview of the MMS Association (MMSA), there were some changes in the student leadership roles available for my Class of 2015 to what is currently in place for the…

Building a Legacy

May 28, 2015

Fuqua's Stop Hunger Now event

As I was approaching the end of the MMS program, I started to reflect on how I spent my time at Fuqua. I looked at my photos that recorded past activities and travels…

How Clubs Enhance the MMS Experience

February 13, 2015

Members of our MMS family got together for a Thanksgiving potluck dinner

Besides group meetings, classes and career events, MMS club events are frequent visitors to my Outlook calendar. There are two types of clubs in general—professional and recreational. I like both of them because…

Gain Leadership Experience While Following Your Passion

December 9, 2014

Admissions Ambassadors pause at the bust of school namesake, J.B. Fuqua, to tell his story

During my undergraduate career, it seemed that there were endless opportunities to become involved. Clubs based on preferred pastimes, organizations targeted towards future employment, and various leadership roles volleyed for my attention during…

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