Tag: Transformative Experience

Overcoming Stage Fright

When I was little, I had severe stage fright. We’re talking SEVERE. For example, when I was just 3 years old, I marched up to my dance instructor, an intimidating former Rockette, and informed her... Read More

A Gift to Fuqua

It feels great to have made it through the MMS program, and finally join another wonderful alumni network. Watching everyone file past in their robes during graduation made me extremely proud of my classmates and... Read More

Champions of Change

Classmate's Graduation Speech Focused on our Transformation into Leaders As Juliana Taylor approached the podium at graduation, we all waited with intense anticipation. We had the opportunity to select a class speaker for our commencement... Read More

Celebrations & Reflections

Fuqua sponsored our end-of-the-year banquet just over a week ago at one of Durham's best Italian restaurants, Piazza Italia. The event provided an opportunity to celebrate each other and our accomplishments. It was also a... Read More