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Bringing Great Ideas to Life

February 27, 2015

The Duke Start-Up Challenge

As Managing Director of Fuqua’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI), I work with students or alumni, to help with their startups. I assist in leveraging Duke’s amazing network, whether they be investors,…

Get Out of Your Bubble!

December 11, 2014

students getting to know each other during orientation

“We live in our own bubble.” As we gain work experience, we constantly create a bubble of networks and expertise. If we stay in this bubble, we are at risk of restricting our…

My Mid-MBA Career Transition

October 15, 2014

Support from my team was crucial to help ease my transition at work

Undertaking a Duke MBA while working full-time is a serious commitment in itself, but over the course of the 20 months you’re in the program…life still happens! Many of my classmates had children…

Contact Admissions for Guidance

October 3, 2014

Fuqua's admission staff

Originally from Florida, I made the move to North Carolina over the summer to join Fuqua’s Admissions staff. Like many of you, I was looking to be part of something bigger. What I…

Highlights from Partners Weekend

August 12, 2014

Students and partners at the blackjack table

Anyone who has experienced Team Fuqua through a day on campus realizes that getting your MBA in the Weekend program is not an individual accomplishment. Some of the most important team members often…

Nothing Stays the Same, Not Even in an MBA Program: Being Flexible & Trusting your Judgment are Keys to Success

January 23, 2014

If you are applying to business schools right now, you’ve probably written essays or spoken in interviews with some confidence about exactly why you want an MBA and what you plan to do…

Make It or Break It: Team Dynamics

November 18, 2013

There are few industries left where the norm is working independently. In fact, it is hard for me to even think of one off hand … yep, not coming up with much beyond…

Fuqua MBA Admissions Counselors are Here to Help

October 7, 2013

By Andy Medlin, former Weekend Executive MBA admissions counselor. Hello from Admissions! As the Weekend Executive MBA Admissions Counselor, I assist prospective students through the stages of their research and application process. At…

The Power of the Duke Network

August 15, 2013

MBA & Team Fuqua Enable Career Change When I joined the Duke Weekend Executive MBA class in 2006, I was a United States Air Force fighter pilot and Director of Force Application Capabilities,…

The Fuqua Kind of Friday

August 6, 2013

I am no stranger to Fridays! After a grueling week, most people I know like to kick back and relax; some may even crack a smile. But this was different — never had…