the student photos of the 11 members of the MBAA cabinet Unexpected Leadership Gains in the Context of COVID-19 June 29, 2020 - - In February, I started to consider taking on a leadership role at Fuqua during the second year of my MBA to be able to give back to a community that had given me so much up to that point. ...Read More


Allison in front of the admissions entrance to Fuqua; MBA application changes for 2020-2021 Changes to Our MBA Application for 2020–2021 June 17, 2020 - - The 2019–2020 application year was truly the most tumultuous in my nearly 15 years of working in MBA Admissions. Like you, we had to adjust to a lot of the challenges that COVID-19 presented.
The Breeden Hall entrance to Fuqua with the school sign and blooming cherry trees in the foreground; How Fuqua Forged Ahead During the Pandemic How Fuqua Forged Ahead During the Pandemic May 28, 2020 - - Whether it be the professors, the Office of Student Life, or the students, the entire Fuqua family came together and forged ahead during what probably will be one of the most challenging, yet interesting terms at Fuqua. And here is the story of it.
Six headshot-style photos of bearded student participating in the fundraiser battling the impact of COVID-19 Battling the Impact of COVID-19 the Fuqua Way April 27, 2020 - - I was on my way to Portugal when COVID-19 concerns escalated into worldwide panic. My classmates and I had just finished our spring break trip to Morocco, and when I landed in the...
Mike and Sarah on stage presenting their candidate platform; Fuqua's leadership lab The Duke MBA: A Leadership Lab for Personal Growth and Development April 20, 2020 - - In February, my MBA Association Co-President Mike Treiser and I were speaking to a classroom full of prospective students about leadership opportunities at Fuqua. Just before the session, I had found out one of my best friends was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.
a handful of students, partners and children pose for a photo after dinner in a home; advice for European applicants 5 Pieces of Advice for European Applicants April 15, 2020 - - European applicants have a lot to consider when applying to business school. We’ve put together a few pieces of advice for prospective students, and we hope this information will be helpful as you consider this next step in your life and career.