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Staying Fit at Fuqua

April 20, 2017

About 60 Fuqua students pose for a group photo, staying fit

If you walk the halls of Fuqua, you may occasionally overhear students grumble about the so-called ‘Fuqua Fifteen’—a phenomenon where MBA students gain a few, err, extra pounds at business school. This isn’t…

What You Can Learn from Case Competitions

January 17, 2017

four MBA students at the case competition, case competitions

As a student at Fuqua, I am privileged to have the opportunity to learn from amazing professors in the classroom and then apply that knowledge outside the classroom. I recently had the opportunity…

Around The World: A Highlight of Fuqua’s Social Calendar

December 28, 2016

Wine tasting

Once a term, you will find MBA students queuing up patiently to buy tickets to Around The World, the flagship event hosted by the Duke MBA Wine Club. This social event takes place…

Winning the 2016 National Investment Banking Competition

by , , and
November 17, 2016

the 4 of us receiving our prize for winning the Investment Banking Competition

The 2016 National Investment Banking Competition (NIBC) began in October 2015 with four friends from Fuqua who were six months, 330-plus teams, and 3,000 miles away from the championship. When our team had…

Investing In My Journey

November 15, 2016

author Jason Lind plus 5 of his Section 4 classmates, investing in my journey

On my thirteenth birthday, my dad gave me a thin manila envelope. I knew instantly this was not the Gameboy I was hoping for. However, I did not realize that this gift of a…

A Supportive Network for Fuqua Families

October 17, 2016

The author, her husband and their 2 kids including the kids who are dressed up for Halloween as part of a Fuqua Families Halloween event

Our family first arrived in Durham in July 2015 for the start of my husband’s MBA. I was sitting in a hotel room with our 3-month-old baby and realized that we had no car and no…

A Week in the Life of a Fuqua MBA Student

February 26, 2016

preparing a welcome kit for admitted Fuqua MBA student

Someone recently asked me to describe a typical day as a Fuqua MBA student. One thing I’ve learned over the last 7 months is that days move at lightning speed. Almost every student (myself…

Admissions Event Showcases a Supportive Community for LGBT Students

October 8, 2015

LGBT students from Fuqua's supportive MBA community gathered to watch the North Carolina Pride Parade

I was already sold on the Fuqua community as I entered the throes of MBA admissions last fall. But one looming—and important—question remained: as a gay male from Southern California, would I have…

Take Advantage of Our Strong Latin American Community

July 15, 2015

Duke Fuqua's strong Latin American community

If you’re a Latin American thinking about business school, I can tell you that pursuing an MBA abroad is a life-changing experience that will open your eyes in ways you have never imagined….

An Entrepreneurial Spirit: Students Launch an Organization to Help Veterans

by , and
June 30, 2015

Duke Fuqua MBA students provide career support to veterans

One of the best aspects of Fuqua is the entrepreneurial spirit that exists among the student body. We are quickly entrusted to make this school better than how we found it. Be it…